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Still On My Mind Double CD (Deluxe Edition)

Deluxe CD $12.99

Release Date: 15/11/2019

Discs: 2

The multi-million selling singer and best selling female UK artist of 2019, releases the Deluxe Edition of her hit album “Still On My Mind”. Featuring live acoustic versions of her classic hits Thank You and White Flag, alongside brand new tracks and remixes.

1. Hurricanes
2. Give You Up
3. Hell After This
4. You Don't Need a God
5. Take You Home
6. Some Kind of Love
7. Still on My Mind
8. Mad Love
9. Walking By
10. Friends
11. Chances
12. Have to Stay

CD 2
1. Just Because
2. This Is Love
3. What Am I Doing Here
4. Hurricanes (Live Acoustic)
5. Thank You (Live Acoustic)
6. White Flag (Live Acoustic)
7. Give You Up (Mark Knight Remix)
8. Take You Home (Undercatt Remix)